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Viking Mattress Covers
We Are KING of Vinyl Mattress Covers

Heavy Duty Vinyl Mattress Cover/Protectors
For Home and Medical Use
Nursing Homes / Group Homes / Hospitals / Clinics / Residential Homes

Custom Made Mattress Covers / Protectors
Made from Heavy Duty Vinyl Laminated Material w/Heavy Duty Marine Zipper
for Easy Mattress Installation

Senior Couple

Our Smooth Vinyl Laminated Covers Protect Your Mattress

Mildew & Rot Resistant
Abrasion Resistant / Antistatic
Leak Proof
Easy to Clean / Bacteria Resistant
Tear Resistant
Shrink Resistant / Non Allergic
Tuff & Durable for Years of Use
Health Care Approved

Protect Your Expensive Mattresses from

  • Handicapped Patients - Seniors' and Children's Disabilities
  • Men & Women's Disabilities, such as Bladder Problems
  • Uncontrolled Bed Wetting / Mentally Challenged Patients

Our Covers are Made for Twin, Full, Queen and King Size Mattresses
Your Mattress Cover/ Protector Will Outlast All Other Covers!

Quality Made Mattress Covers/Protectors that Can Last The Life of Your Mattress

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10 oz. Laminated Nylon Reinforced Vinyl Herculite Material - White

Call for Your Mattress Cover / Protector

30-Day Money Back Guarantee / Drop Shipping Available


Twin Size Mattress: $150.00
Full Size Mattress: $200.00
Queen Size Mattress: $250.00
King Size Mattress: $350.00

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Orders take 2-4 weeks for delivery.
Quantity discounts available to medical field.
Made in the USA.
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Our covers are custom made.